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West Point in Yellowstone Park, fall 2011       As you can see, I like the cool, calm, peace of the outdoors. When you visit this website, though, you might encounter more than the balmy breezes of spring, the blue sky of summer, the autumn array of bold fiery colors or the icy crust of winter...in fact, you might discover an array of thoughts and seasons that are either soft like a spring blossom or as volatile as an Arctic breeze.

       The seasons perhaps describe WHO I write about, HOW circumstances of life lead us to the ever present, WHERE I place my characters in time and place and WHEN we/they change, grow, discovery, immerge, uncover, blossom or subsist, reside in eternal glory.

My Beach Buddy       If I relinquish the real of me, I think the reader will discover that there are often lessons in life that we don't uncover until a latter time, when a particular event leds us to an awakening. What I hope to project in this website is the eagerness I have about exploring the everyday experiences that you and I share.

       For instance, the handsome fellow on the left is my beach buddy. He let me get within five feet. How do I know it's male?...He's showing off those grand masculine feathers. A female would be preening..fixing herself up for the camera.

       Yes, I'm a writer with a various past...youthful female, wide-eyed young woman, mother, nurse, explorer, writer, artist....I don't consider any of these roles exceptional or universal. I'm an ongoing process...I'm in the midst of discovering what life is all about. Today, tomorrow....

       In the meantime, I want to share Who I meet, How I've encountered these remarkable human beings, Where our paths have crossed and When we will meet again. Not all of my stories or theirs will be enlightening or delightful...Ahhh....the essence of life and all its glory, sadness and revelations.

       I hope this journey with me is helpful. I know I grow wiser each year because of the people who have shared their journeys with me.


Wil Emerson enjoying a walk on the beach.


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