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Award-Winning Quality Custom Web Site Development since 1996

At Hook and Web Designs, we take pride in tailoring each site specifically to the "personality" of the client, business, organization, or event. Three of our websites have have received awards and/or national/international recognition for excellence! Please see our References for details.

What do we do?

  • Individualized backgrounds – generally the logo or business name "watermarked" over a very light background color
  • Research of other sites in the same genre, as needed
  • Strong branding – logo and business name at the top of every page
  • Ease of navigability (links easily accessible, page sections easily accessible, etc.)
  • Custom graphics / photo editing for maximum quality and minimum download time
  • Custom Photography, as needed, if you are in our area. Our photographer specializes in professional-quality candid / action photographs that strongly convey the "feel" of a business, organization, or event.
  • Custom research/copy writing/editing, as needed.
  • Simple but stylish design, proofread on a variety of common internet browsers to be sure that design elements are consistent for most visitors
  • Enough "Interactive" elements to keep visitors interested but not so many as to overwhelm or distract from the main focus of the site.
  • Plenty of "content" both to make the site worth the visitor's time and to give the search engines lots to grab onto.
  • Photo albums and blogs available.

How much will it cost?

       Hook and Web Designs charges a flat hourly fee of $50, though we will discuss discounts for non-profits. How much your site will cost depends on your budget and how much information you give us to work with.

       We suggest that clients start out with a simple "who we are and what we do" site, then add to it regularly, both to build up content and to keep visitors coming back.

Other Services Available:

Limited web hosting, photography, copy writing

For more information, please email: info@HookAndWebDesigns.com.


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